General Questions

In September 2004 Nottingham Forest Homes Association assumed responsibility for all mailboxes in order to maintain a standard for the community. Mailboxes are owned by NFHA and are not to be defaced or changed in any manner. Should you experience a problem with your mailbox (magnet, flag, door, post or vehicle damage) contact Steve Parker at 913-375-2261 (E-Mail: parkersl1@juno.com).
Overland Park is responsible for all trees located in the parkway (or within 11′ of the inside curb if no sidewalk exists). Trees that are removed will be replaced at the discretion of Overland Park and within budget constraints. When trees are replaced the homeowner is responsible for routine watering, pruning and other care. Homeowners may replace parkway trees as long as selection is made from Overland Park’s approved street tree list. You may review Overland Park’s Street Tree Policy (Overland Park Municipal Code Chapter 7.16, Trees and Shrubs).
NFHA annually trims all parkway trees (normally in January) to a height of 8′ over sidewalks and 13′ over roadways in accordance with Overland Park’s requirements. During the growing season it is the responsibility of the homeowner to trim tree limbs that overhang sidewalks and obstruct pedestrian traffic. The City Forester may be contacted with additional questions (913-327-6639) regarding pruning or replacement of parkway trees. Please read…

Overland Park’s Ordinance for Tree Maintenance

NOTE: In order to view and print this document, you must have Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or higher. This is a free application that you can download from the web.

Tree and Shrub Maintenance Policy according to the City of Overland Park:
Dead trees and broken or dead limbs that present a hazard to the public must be removed.

You must keep shrubs and trees trimmed to eliminate sight distance problems on corner properties.

Public rights-of-way such as streets and sidewalks must remain clear of limbs and branches. The minimum height clearance over sidewalks is 8 feet. The minimum height clearance over streets is 12 feet and for improved thoroughfares and designated truck routes the height clearance is 13 feet.
The homeowner is responsible for the proper maintenance of these new trees, including watering the trees on and near their property. Please review the NFHA Street Tree Policy for more information.
The cost of disposal of trash/recycle and yard waste items is included in your homeowners dues which are paid annually.
Containers: Our contractor Waste Corp. of America (WCA)(Formerly Town & Country) provides the containers for trash and yard waste. If your containers are damaged you may contact WCA at (816-380-5595) for replacement containers.
Trash Days: Our trash pickup day is Tuesday. (If Christmas or New Year's falls on a Tuesday your trash pickup will be delayed one day.) During the months of January thru March, yard waste is only picked up on the 2nd Tuesday of each of these months.
Trash and Recycle:
  • All trash and recycle items must be placed in containers provided by WCA. Should you need an extra container you may contact WCA at the above phone number. (Additional fees apply billed directly to homeowner.)
  • Stickers for trash bags that exceed the limit of the container are available for purchase from Hen House Market at 11721 Roe Ave, Leawood or Hen House Market at 6900 W. 135 Street, Overland Park.
  • There is no limit on the amount of recycle material placed at the curb weekly.
  • Cardboard boxes should be broken down and consolidated into fewer boxes.
  • Trash and recycle containers are to be placed at the curb no earlier than 24 hours in advance and not later than 6:30AM on day of pickup with wheels to the rear.
  • Construction material placed in trash containers will not be picked up.
Yard Waste: Compost Connections is the yard waste hauler subcontracted by WCA.
  • Yard waste must be placed in paper bags only.  (YARD WASTE IN RIGID CONTAINERS OR PLASTIC BAGS WILL NOT BE PICKED UP).
  • Branches and tree limbs are to be bundled in lengths of no longer than 4' and a diameter of 18". Branches no larger than 2" in diameter.
  • Yard waste is limited to 10 bags throughout the entire year.
  • Separate your yard waste location from your trash/recycle containers in your driveway.
Bulk Pickup: Bulk pickup is available once a month for individual homeowners. Contact WCA at the above number for further information on bulk pickup. Glass: Glass is not picked up by WCA.
  • Ripple glass dumpsters are located at the Price Chopper at 11700 W. 135th Street or the Hen House at 6900 W. 135th Street. These are strictly for food/liquid glass containers.
  • The Overland Park recycling center located at 11921 Hardy (behind the fire station on 119th Street) is available for resident usage at no fee. A variety of items may be dropped off at this location. Go to Overland Park's website (opkansas.org), click on Resident Resources, then Trash/Recycling, then Recycling Center at left side of page for more information.

  • Questions regarding trash/recycle/yard waste should be directed to Steve Parker, Property Manager, (913-375-2261), E-Mail: parkersl1@juno.com
Overland Park provides large item collection for one half of the city each year. Items typically not picked up by our trash service provider will be picked up at this time. For 2018, the date of collection will be Saturday, 6 October. Go to Overland Park's website for more information on what items will be picked up and how much may be placed at the curb. (opkansas.org, type in search box "bulky item pickup" then click on the first item "bulky item pickup"). A suggestion is that if you have too many items, share with your neighbors and friends who may not have items to dispose of.
Dues are $700 for a normal 12 month year. Dues statements are sent via email in October of each year. Dues may be paid by check mailed to the address below. Dues not postmarked by 22 November will result in a late fee of $100 being assessed.
Address: NFHA, P.O. Box 25523, Overland Park, KS 66225
The e-newsletter contains items of interest or announcements and is emailed to all registered members frequently, as needed. Beginning Jan. 2008, all newsletters are sent out via email.To register, go to www.nottinghamforest.org and click the "Register Here" link in the top navigation menu.
Call Community Services at 895-6370 on MONDAY MORNINGS to report trash cans that have been left outside of the home. Your name will remain anonymous.
Please submit your request by email to technology@nottinghamforest.org.
Reservations are made through our website by filling out the Pool Cabana Reservation Form. To make a reservation please click here.
Electricity: KCP&L 471-5275, REPORT POWER OUTAGE AT 1-888-544-4852
Water: Water #1 of Johnson County: 913-895-1800 (INCLUDING EMERGENCIES)
Wastewater: Johnson County Wastewater: 913-715-8590
Telephone/Cable TV – contact information available on your monthly statement.
Area schools can be reached at:
High School:

Blue Valley NW High School
13260 Switzer Road
Middle School:
Oxford Middle School

12500 Switzer Road
Grade School:
Oak Hill Elementary School
10200 W 124th Street
Johnson County Community College
12345 College Blvd
Overland Park, KS 66210
University of Kansas – Edwards Campus
12600 Quivira Road
Overland Park, KS 66213
Area hospitals and emergency numbers are:
Children’s Mercy South Hospital
5808 W. 110th Street
Overland Park, KS 66211
Menorah Medical Center
5721 W 119th Street
Overland Park, KS 66209
Olathe Medical Center
20333 W 151st Street
Olathe, KS 66061 (Exit 215 on I-35)
Overland Park Regional Hospital
10500 Quivira Road
Overland Park, KS 66215
Saint Joseph Health Center
1000 Carondelet Drive
Kansas City, MO 64114 (State Line Exit on I-435)
Saint Luke’s South Hospital
12300 Metcalf Ave
Overland Park, KS 66213
Shawnee Mission Medical Center
9100 W 74th Street
Shawnee Mission, KS 66204 (75th Street Exit on I-35)
Emergency: Dial 911
Fire (Non-Emergency): 913-888-6066
12401 Hemlock
Overland Park, KS 66213
Police (Non-Emergency): 913-895-6300
12400 Foster
Jack Sanders Justice Center
Overland Park, KS 66213
Poison Control: 913-588-6633
Overland Park Municipal Court
Jack Sanders Justice Center
12400 Foster
Overland Park, KS 66213
Johnson County District Court
100 N. Kansas Ave
Olathe, KS 66061 (Santa Fe Street & Kansas Ave)
Kansas Driver’s License Stations:
6507 Johnson Drive
Mission, KS 66202
20162 W. 151st Street
Olathe, KS 66061 (Located in the Great Mall of the Great Plains)
Motor Vehicle Office Locations:
Mission MVO
6000 Lamar Ave
Suite 120
Mission, KS 66202
Olathe MVO
782 N. Ridgeview Road
Olathe, KS 66061
Libraries in Overland Park:
Blue Valley Library
9000 W 151st Street
Central Resource Library
9875 W 87th Street
Oak Park Library
9500 Blue Jacket
Overland Park City Hall
8500 Santa Fe Drive
Overland Park, KS 66212
Community Services: 913-895-6270
Animal Control: 913-895-6300
Blue Valley Post Office
12433 Antioch Road
Overland Park, KS 66213
Road Conditions:
Kansas: 511 or 1-866-511-5368
Missouri: 1-800-222-6400
To report an outage, submit a help request through Overland Park’s website (opkansas.org) then(OPCares), the city’s customer service system, with a description of the problem, location and any other pertinent information.
Kansas City Star 1-877-962-7827
Talk to your neighbor first, if possible. If that doesn’t work contact Community Services (913-895-6270) or submit a service request through the Overland Park website (opkansas.org) then (OPCares), the city’s customer service system.
The Johnson County Hazardous Material Collection Program collects adhesives, car batteries, cleaning products, disinfectants, pesticides, fertilizers, paint, paint stripper, solvents, pool chemicals, wood preservatives, gasoline, brake fluid and antifreeze. Materials not accepted are asbestos, medical waste and radioactive waste. The facility is open year-round by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Residents can call the Johnson County Environmental Dept for an appointment (913-715-6907) and directions to the site.
Glass is not picked up by WCA. You may take glass items to the Overland Park recycling center located at 11921 Hardy (behind the fire station at 119th & Lowell). Ripple glass dumpsters are located at the Price Chopper at 11700 W. 135th Street or the Hen House at 6900 W. 135th Street. These are strictly for food/liquid glass containers. The Overland Park recycling center located at 11921 Hardy (behind the fire station on 119th Street) is available for resident usage at no fee. A variety of items may be dropped off at this location. Go to Overland Park's website (opkansas.org), click on Resident Resources, then Trash/Recycling, then Recycling Center at left side of page for more information.
To make a reservation on line, visit the City’s web page (opkansas.org) and click on Things to See and Do, then Golf Courses. Reservations also may be made by calling 913-341-8100.
Please visit Overland Park’s web site,www.opkansas.org/_Bus/Permits/signs/Temporary_Signs/index.cfm, for some helpful tips for placing your temporary signs in compliance with City ordinances.
Prior to start of work a fence permit is required. These are issued by the Building Safety Division located at 8500 Santa Fe Drive (City Hall) (913-895-6225). Please visit Overland Park’s website (opkansas.org) then Resident Resources, then Neighborhood Resources then Permits and Licenses for more information.
The following is from legal documents from Nottingham Forest regarding fences: Construction of hedges, fences and boundary walls: Any hedge, fence or boundary wall shall not disfigure the property or the neighborhood. No fences or boundary wall exceeding six (6) feet in height shall be constructed without the written consent of the Developers, if a part of the original construction, or written consent of the Nottingham Forest Homes Association, if constructed after the residential structure is completed.

Chain link fence is not authorized for residential property within Nottingham Forest.
Visit the Kansas Bureau of Investigation website to view the most current list of registered sex offenders in the state of Kansas.
Pursuant to Overland Park Municipal Code, persons or entities owning property adjacent to the right-of-way or easement upon which there is a public sidewalk are responsible for maintenance and repair of same; however, the city may elect to undertake maintenance and repair. To report a sidewalk problem submit a help request thru (OPCares), the city’s customer service system. Repairs are done within yearly budget constraints. Should homeowners want to repair their own sidewalks with a private contractor, they are certainly encouraged to do so, but must obtain a Right-of-way work permit and locate all utilities.
Electronic collection events are held once a year by the city of Overland Park, usually in May. If you have electronic devices that you want to recycle at other times visit the website of (recyclespot.org) to locate a nearby recycling center.
To ward off unwanted visitors, the City Clerk’s office sells “NO SOLICITING” stickers for a minimal fee. They can be purchased at the City Clerk’s office located in City Hall at 8500 Santa Fe Drive on weekdays.
Solicitors who knock on a door if this sticker or a “NO TRESPASSING” sign is present are subject to a city citation. Salespeople cannot solicit prior to 10AM or after 9PM. If the homeowner says they are not interested and the solicitor does not leave, call the Police.
Stray dogs that are picked up in our community by Animal Control are taken to Great Plains SPCA, 9827 W 67th Street, Merriam, KS 913-742-7329. Call animal control if your pet is missing at 913-895-6300. Officers will check records to see if you pet was picked up. On the web contact (pet-connect.org) to post lost and found pets. Craig’s List under Community (Lost and Found) is another resource available.
The NFHA Garage Sale is held the first weekend in October. It begins on Thursday and ends on Saturday.

City of Overland Park Minimum Requirements for Private Property

A violation exists when the weeds or grass are more than 8 inches in height (or more than 8 inches in length if matted down). A violation also exists if there is any poisonous vegetation such as poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac. Other vegetation such as vines, saplings or shrubs may also be a violation if it exceeds the 8 inch height regulation and is clearly uncultivated.
The violation should be corrected by the person responsible for the maintenance of the property. In most cases that is the property owner, but it may be the tenant or owner representative.
To avoid violations residents must mow their yard and lawn as well as any area between their property and the paved area of all adjacent streets, including ditches, easements, alleys, unpaved right-of-way and storm drainage swales.
The violation must be corrected in five calendar days if the property owner resides with the state or 10 days if he or she resides outside the state, starting from the date of the Notice of Abatement. If legal publication of the notice is necessary, owners have 10 days from the date of publication.
If the owner does not correct the violation after proper notification, the city will issue a work order to mow the property. The owner is responsible for the contractor’s hourly rate plus a $100 administrative fee. Properties that are cut after notification to the contractor are subject to the $100 administrative fee and a contractor’s trip charge of $35. The property owner may also receive a notice to appear in court.